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Heating and cooling account for nearly half of your home’s energy costs. Smart thermostats are the next generation of temperature control. They offer more control over your home’s temperature and climate, therefore saving you more on your energy bill.

Benefits of Smart Controls

Save Energy – Smart thermostats can help homeowners and families save money each month. These thermostats are efficient and allow you to use less energy, all while helping the environment. Some smart thermostats also feature a learning ability that can remember the times you prefer to lower or raise the temperature in your home, which can result in additional monthly savings as well.

Remote Access – Most smart thermostats allow homeowners to connect their devices via Wi-Fi. These Wi-Fi thermostats contain sensors which control the heating and cooling systems in a home and work in conjunction with your HVAC system. This means that you have the ability to control your home’s temperature even when you are not home by logging in from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and making corrections to your thermostat. So if you ever forget to turn down your thermostat before going to work or on holiday, you can control it remotely.

At Heat Solutions we work with all makes and models of smart controls as we know that different models work best in different situations. However, we’re confident in recommending one company as our brand of choice, HeatMiser.

“Heatmiser have become the UK’s preferred heating controls manufacturer, offering solutions for underfloor heating, conventional radiators and renewable energy systems.”


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