• Biomass Boilers

Wood & Pellet Boilers offer an eco-friendly heating alternative to property owners looking to reduce running costs by replacing fossil fuel, oil and LPG boilers.  Connecting to existing radiators and producing hot water, wood and pellet boilers deliver high temperatures which makes them an ideal choice in older properties where it is challenging to reduce heat loss through improving the building fabric.

Wood, Woodchip & Pellet boilers are also known as biomass boilers. Biomass is a general term meaning any organic material such as timber or crops grown to be burned in order to produce heat and/or power. Burning wood is carbon neutral since the CO2 released when burning is equal to the CO2 absorbed during growth. As long as the wood comes from a sustainable source where new trees are planted to replace those that are harvested then there is balance.

Biomass Boiler Benefits

Biomass boilers operate differently depending on the type deployed but in general their benefits include:

  • Potentially Lower Heating Bills, when compared to previous oil, LPG or all-electric systems
  • Mitigate Escalating Fuel Prices
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Easy to Retro-fit with Existing Radiator System
  • Ideal for properties with high heat loss
Boiler Types

Biomass Boilers offer a complete central heating and hot water system and can be used to heat homes, large public buildings and for district heating systems. Other technologies such as solar thermal can be integrated to complete the renewable heating and hot water system and reduce the need for running the boiler for hot water during the summer months.

The most common types of biomass boilers used for heating buildings include:

  • Pellet Boilers Pellets are made from compressed sawdust and are transported from a store into the boiler ceating an automated heating solution that supplies a wet radiator or underfloor system.
  • Wood Log Boilers Logs are loaded into the boiler and a full burn heats a large volume of stored water which thens meets heating and hot water needs via a wet heating system.
  • Woodchip Boilers Logs are chipped to create a more automated boiler solution similar to the pellet boiler but using woodchips.

Advising on whether a biomass boiler is appropriate for your property, and if so which type, is something that we specialise in.


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